About Us

DLY Supplies LLC is a Dallas area based company. We cooperate with manufacturers and distributors to streamline operations and generate more sales through effective relationships. Thanks to our well-established experience, we offer successful Know-how focus in each different market group and apply  aggressive business strategies for positive results.

We strive to meet all our customer needs and focus on using the latest sales trends. We are recognized for our honesty, high efficiency and comprehensive service to built long-termed relationships with our suppliers.

We focus on working hand in hand with our partners, joining efforts to grow business, increase sales effectively and offer positive results for both our suppliers and us.

We are here to help you grow your business!

DLY Supplies Team


Building a good business relationship will bring efficiency along with business success. We are aware of the importance of working together with our suppliers to generate great results that will benefit both parties.

Customer Satisfaction

It is our priority to exceed customer expectations. We strive to provide a shopping experience that generates a emotional response from the interaction with our team members and from our products and services.


Honesty and integrity are essential to our current and future success. We are constantly working with our supply chain partners on building and effective relationship based on mutual trust. Our team is committed to instill our core values to provide a reliable service to our customers.